Every action, investment, employment or upgrade we make has the same starting position:

How is it better to serve our customers?


Our industry is driven by the need for speed.

Our customers are in business to seize opportunities and they need terminals that can make them happen. In turn, that requires reliable jetty access, fast flow rates, polished turnarounds, reliable infrastructure and excellent road/rail/barge/pipeline connections. Every Route 68 terminal has therefore been created and upgraded to respond to the most demanding of supply chains.


The global energy sector never sleeps. Neither do we.

From market dynamics and world events to climatic conditions and logistics, the modern supply chain must react to constantly changing dynamics. Our role is therefore to devise flexible solutions, 24/7, and always think one step ahead.


The portfolio of products handled by Route 68 is wide, and getting wider.

We offer complete solutions across the barrel: from crude, gasoline and naphtha to jet A1, fuel oil and diesel. We are also open-minded and willing to discuss any need that our infrastructure and widespread locations can usefully serve. For example, we have a growing business in LPG storage. We are also responding to customer demand with a potential move into aromatics, based on the three key ‘BTX’ chemicals of benzene, toluene and xylenes.


Route 68 works to the highest HSE standards in the world.

No consideration is ever allowed to override the safe running of a terminal and the well-being of our people, neighbouring residents or the environment. We invest in safety through preventative technologies; through constant and refreshed training; and through instilling a safety culture which every employee, contractor and visitor is required to understand and follow.the most demanding of supply chains.


“In Customer Services, we always try to say ‘yes’. On one occasion we constructed all-new connections to a deep water jetty to meet a customer’s requirement”