We stored fuel oil at the end of our processing operations in 2018. Our storage capacity has since grown from 65,000 cbm to 240,000 cbm, and our state-of - the-art plant is ideal for fuel oil and gas oil.


With a maximum draught of 14,65 mtr, ships up to 280x 50 mtr will berth outside our T-jetty, with barges up to 135 mtr indoors. You may conduct rapid imports from vessels over the 20 "import pipeline. All other imports and exports from and to the jetties are allowed by 16 "pipelines.

Availability of tank storage

Our two fuel oil and gas oil tank parks are currently run exclusively for our main customer, allowing them to enjoy the advantages of our storage capacity, T-jetty for ships and barges, high-speed pumps, mixing / heating technology, and our hands-on attitude.

ROUTE 68 However, logistics and storage can be extended. We are always interested in talking to interested parties about the possibilities of dedicated space and berths.

For more information on tank storage at ROUTE 68 Logistics and Storage, or to check on the availability, please contact us.

Additional benefits of ROUTE 68 Logistics and Storage

In addition to tank storage, ROUTE 68 Logistics and Storage delivers an extensive range of services. You can come to us 24/7 for:

. lay-by berthing

. ship-to-ship transhipments

. nitrogen services: purging and blanketing

. steam supply

. partnership services:

- rental of fenders and hoses

- stores delivery over land

- slop and waste disposal