ROUTE 68 is a one-stop operation in the port of Rotterdam and has a special and independent role for a wide range of products in the supply chain of bulk goods.

What if you had to berth your ship in the Port of Rotterdam on just one quay? How much time and money would you save if for lay-by transhipments, ship-to-ship, nitrogen and steam supply you only need one berth?

And how much hassle will you avoid when you need only one contact person to arrange ROUTE 68 Logistics and Storage transhipments, N2-services, fenders, hoses, stores delivery and slop disposal?

And how much trouble are you going to avoid when you only need one contact person to arrange ROUTE 68 Logistics and Storage transhipments, N2 products, fenders, hoses, distribution of stores so slop disposal?

You'd save a lot of time and therefore a lot of money. And at Service Terminal Rotterdam it's likely

Save our multi-purpose terminal time and money

ROUTE 68 Logistics and Storage is a multi-purpose bunkel fuel terminal in Port of Rotterdam's Botlek area. At our quay and jetties, we offer multiple facilities. Choosing ROUTE 68 does not mean translocating to get the nitrogen service you need after a ship-ship transhipment. No extra costs for shipment of shops over air, as the boat can be serviced from shore. No time to lose by switching from quay to quay.

Next to our new 240,000 cbm tank storage facility, we deliver a one-stop service to shipowners, charterers, traders and port agents who want to save time and money.

Collection of tanks and one-stop advantages

ROUTE 68 Logistics and Storage was founded in a shipping company in 2018. We began transhipment, lay-by and utility services from ship to ship. Our first tank park (TK100) has been in service since 2018 with a storage capacity of 65,000 cbm. Our company has flourished, leading us to increase our storage capacity in our second tank park (TK200) with an additional 175,000 cbm in 2019.